The smart solution to short sales.


The Mission

We strive to make short sales easier for everyone.  By leveraging technology and partnerships that we have, our team can handle 100% of the short sale process for Realtors and homeowners.  Whether its collecting documents and sending out reminders, coordinating lien releases with multiple parties, or calling the servicer for updates - we will take all of that work off your shoulders to allow the agent to focus on their listing and the homeowner to focus on living their life.


The Difference

What sets us apart from any other local short sale processor or title company?


You can initiate a file online in less than 30 seconds and then our system automatically draws up all the paperwork needed - specifically for your lender - with 90% of the information already filled in for the homeowner. Documents can also be signed in our system from your phone.

02. Instant Updates

We provide 24/7 status updates for all parties. We offer an app to check status, a website to review documents, and automatic email and text updates as the file progresses.


We will send out e-mail and text messages to help keep everyone organized and provide reminders about important tasks and deadlines. 

04. The Results

We should have an approved offer price in 30 days* or less.  You will never have to sit on hold and you will never have to deal with servicers or lenders.


*30 days starts once we have all documents needed for lender approval


“Short sales should be more than just short. They should be smooth and crisp.”



The Story

Almost a decade ago, founder and CEO Yoni Kutler started processing short sales for investors and realtors at the start of the financial collapse.  Over time, YGKutler & Associates, LLC was born, processing short sales for attorneys and agents all over the state of Georgia.  As the real estate market stabilized, short sales started to dissipate and YGKutler & Associates saw this as an opportunity to grow. In late 2016, YGKutler & Associates expanded from Georgia to also include Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama.

In Fall of 2017, YGKutler & Associates launched the service Crisp, which leverages tech in real estate, offering a first-to-market short sale experience. Headquartered in Atlanta, Crisp services 22 states nationwide. To see the list of states, click here.

Crisp is now the premier short sale service offered around the country.


Work With Us

And kick back and relax