83% of short sales take longer than they should.


How we are different.

We're Fast.

From the moment you start working with us, the process is calibrated for speed and efficiency. Files are created seamlessly through text or email and automatically uploaded into our processing system. From there, emails are automatically generated and sent to the seller, listing agent, and buyer with documents needed specific to their servicer.

We're Smooth.

No more waiting on document requests that slow down the process. We send out daily automated emails and text messages to each party that has requests pending so everyone is always aware of what is needed and from whom.

We're crisp.

Everyone will have access to our app and web portal where they can view daily updates, notes, and documents available. There is a status bar showing where we are in the process and how far until we receive approval and we can add in the title company, mortgage lender, and any other party to the sale who needs to follow our progress.


Making clients have more hair since 2008.